Analyze Your Strategy Results

Our sites offer tools for analyzing the results of gene searches or strategies. After running a search or strategy that returns genes, you can analyze the results to find statistically enriched Gene Ontology annotations, Metabolic Pathway annotations or words in the gene product descriptions. A term or word is considered enriched if it appears more often in the gene result set than it does in the set of all genes for that organism.

4 Steps to Analyzing a Search or Strategy Result:

  1. Start a new search, or open an existing strategy.
  2. When the search or strategy is loaded, choose the result that you wish to analyze by clicking the strategy box that represents the result. The active result is highlighted in yellow.
  3. Click on the blue "Analyze Results" button. The button appears next to the tabbed results pages.
  4. Select an analysis tool from the list of available tools. The analysis tool opens in a new tab where you can select parameter values for the analysis and click Submit.
Not all search results have analysis tools available.